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Monday, August 8, 2022

Wisdom... Proverbs 2:7


Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit...

In a world that is tilting... a time of confusion and unknown... take our hands and lead us...

If you have read or studied the book of Revelation... you might be hearing whispers to draw nearer into God's Holy Word. If you read the Left Behind series... you might be looking up in wonder. If you are watching for the signs... Know that you are not alone.

I remember being told that wisdom came with an education (college and job experience). I was told that every time I opened a book... I would be my own teacher.  I was told to respectful of those who have gone before me. I was told that God was my creator and only He could judge anyone else. 

I believed that we all had the thumbprint of God within us. That we were watched over (night and day). I believed that we learned by our mistakes, we asked for forgiveness, and we prayed for others.

Wisdom... Lord does our world need more wisdom. Rationality about each other. A balance between the past and present. Hope for the future!

We are all walking this path... world-wide lock downs... oppressors and deceivers twisting untruths for power and personal gains. Where do we look for wisdom... How do we model wisdom for those younger than us?

What are you reading?

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Are you listening?




When we come to Christ, the barriers between us and God are broken down, and God Himself lives within us through His Holy Spirit. In other words, we now know God and He knows us. Think of it: We have a personal relationship with the God of the universe!

The same is true with God. 
When we read or hear His Word, the Bible, He speaks to us. 
When we pray, we speak to Him. And when we worship Him and obey Him... 
we are doing His will and participating in His work.

 “Do not love the world or anything in the world. … The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever” (1 John 2:15, 17).

So how do we learn to do God’s will—to walk with Him—every single day? 
How do we grow closer to someone on a human level? By spending time with that person—talking, listening, sharing concerns and lending a hand when he or she needs help. The same is true with God. When we read or hear His Word, the Bible, He speaks to us. When we pray, we speak to Him. And when we worship Him and obey Him, we are doing His will and participating in His work.

4 For just as we have many parts in one body—and all the parts do not have the same function— 5 so we, who are many, are one body in Messiah and everyone parts of one another. 6 We have gifts that differ according to the grace that was given to us—if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; 7 if service, in our serving; or the one who teaches, in his teaching; 8 or the one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who gives, in generosity; the one who leads, with diligence; the one who shows mercy, with cheerfulness. Romans 12: 4-8 (Tree of Life)

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Life or death... peace or fear: Romans 8

"For they that are after the flesh, savor the things of the flesh: but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. 
For the wisdom of the flesh is death: but the wisdom of the Spirit is life and peace,"
Rms 8: 5-6

Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit,

I humbly come before You with prayers from a burdened heart. For those suffering in fear... for those sick from a man made disease... for those fleeing their homes due to corrupt and deceiving spirits of evil. My Lord, it is written in your precious word that no weapon formed against us will prosper. For it is written in Psalm 91 that we abide under the protection of our Almighty's wings and that You have angels on assignment walking us through the shadows of death and of evil. 

My Lord, my God, my Creator... hear our prayers, the prayers of Your faithful... guide us and keep us... provide us with Your Armor as it is written in Eph. 6. Pour out Your anointing of Your Holy Spirit... comfort us and meet us, Oh Lord... right here where we are for the Glory of the one true God... our Creator!

Blessings and prayers to all,

Friday, April 23, 2021

Called... Listening... Watching... Standing!

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, 
that I will send a famine in the Land, 
not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, 
but of hearing the word of the Lord.
And they shall wander from sea to sea, 
and from the North even unto the East shall they run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, 
and shall not find it. 
Amos 8:11-12

Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit,
It is written that in the day of confusion you are our present help. When our hearts are burdened. When our spirit cries out. When we need Your loving guidance... How do we hear you?

Listening to your word: My Lord, enable me, through Your Holy Spirit, not to be lead astray. As it is written in Eph 6: 7-24, my Lord remove the scales from my eyes. Open my ears so that I may hear Your guidance. As I put on Your helmet of Salvation, bless me with the clarity of mind so that the voices of this world are silenced. 

My Lord, open the eyes of my heart so that I might search for Your truth. There are so many voices of the world tempting, deceiving, and misguiding us. As our Shephard, Lord Jesus, we are guaranteed that You will find Your lost sheep. Once found, open our ears so that we may hear Your truth about what shape our heart is in. Your light cannot shine in our eyes with out Your loving guidance. Pour forth Your Holy Spirit, for clarity of Your word. 

My Lord, guide me and mine in Your ways everlasting. As we look unto You, we thank You that it is written in PS 91 that You have placed Your angels on assignment to guide us away from the deceivers and worldly tempation. When we seek Your truth, there are always voices that are willing to lead, to guide, and to walk with us. Lord, help us to hear your guidance. What is right for all? What is your truth for us? Where are we heading as a nation?

How can we check the "fruit" on the tree of those in our government? Which voices are providing hope that aligns with Your word. Which voices are worldly deceivers, those that speak a false hood as if their morality aligns with Your Word? Pour forth your Holy Spirit with discernment about when an official is speaking truth or lies...

My Lord, say the word that will clear our path unto Your only Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and His eternal salvation... to you be the glory!

"He that loveth his brother abideth in the light..."
1John 2:10
My Lord, forgive us. Our Nation, our families, our friends... are seeking Your perfection with Your help. Many have decided that is my "our" might that Your peace will be achieved. Many feel that they are owed recompense for ages gone by. They have decided that "man's" needs are more important than Your Will. Hardness of the heart has become a "truth" for many. Our Nation is divided, becoming calloused and indifferent toward those who do not agree with their "truths." Without a "rebirth" through Jesus, we speak falsehoods and "social" gospels. Without "redemption" we are not truly sensitive to the needs of others.

God's Redemption is the only truth. Everything else is a shadow. A falsehood. Divine love shines down into our hearts before it ever radiates out. We must accept the Holy Spirit's outpouring of  God's compassion... not that which comes from man. 

Truth.... PS 139
  • We are wondrously and awesomely created by the Lord God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and earth
  • We have created with our skin color, eye color, and hair color according to His design
  • We have been born in this nation for a time such as this
  • We have been given talents and strengths/weaknesses for us to freely use for His purpose
  • We will bow only to El Shaddai, our creator, and our Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua, God's only begotten son
  • We are... His sons and daughters...

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Two Golden Hooks...

Luke 19:1-10

Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit...

It is the eve before 2021 begins. Such a year of turmoil, and yet in the midst of this year there were so many mercies and witnessing of Your continued hand at work. Thank you my Lord for all the ways You confirmed Your presence!

Have you heard about the Golden Hooks? I've just learned that there is a saving thought about history, which is a confirming thought in today's culture of cancellation and re-writing of our Nation's perspective.
"There are two Golden Hooks on which all of History (His Story) hangs!"
Jeanne Wilkerson
Food for you to ponder:
All history hangs on these two Golden Hooks (events): 1st coming of our Lord and His 2nd coming.
How are you positioning your self for His Return?

Jesus has no requirement for us before he comes to visit us... 
  • He already knows who we are (for Abba is our creator) 
  • He already knows what shape our house is in (what is spoken/unspoken in our hearts, spirit and soul)
  • He already has promised to guide us in making our ways right (with Abba) for a fuller life with Him
Consider and pray about what the message is in Luke 19:1-10. In this historical truth, we are introduced to Zacchaeus (Za-Key-us). A small man who wanted to see Jesus (first golden hook). He had to climb a Sycamore tree just to see over the crowd. He was known as a tax collector and not well liked in his community. The truth that Zacchaeus knew, that so few were unwilling to acknowledge, was that he had to position himself away from the crowd if he wanted to "see" Jesus! It was in that "boldness" that Jesus called him down from the tree. Jesus met Zacchaeus right where he was... no good deed... no expensive seat of honor... no grand attempt to be like anyone else... just a simple desire to "see" Jesus as he passed by the crowd. It's in the positioning to "see" Jesus that brought Jesus home to Zacchaeus. 

Now consider, ponder, and pray about what the message is in Malachi 4:5-6“See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.” 

Many have preached about the return of Elijah in the days before Jesus' return (2nd golden hook) and some have spoken the truth about John the Baptist (1st golden hook) in Luke 1:5-79. Zechariah (Zack-a-ri-us) was a priest of Aaron. Both Zechariah and Elizabeth were elderly (and childless) when they were told that they would have a son. The truth of his birth positioned them for the way of our Lord. Can you imagine that truth of lives created and chosen because they knew God and chose to live in accordance to His Truths? Now ponder the moment they presented their new born for his circumcision. As was the custom, they proclaimed his name as John (not a family name) and a proclamation (prophecy) was said over their child... that their child, John, would make ready the way of the Lord (1st golden hook). This is the same baby that "leapt" in his mother's womb when Mary came to visit Elizabeth. The very same baby that knew the truth of Mary's Immaculate conception and recognized Jesus in her womb. The same baby that knew Jesus as his Lord. The same man who baptized our Lord in the Jordan. Positioning... making ready the the way of the Lord.

Finally, consider, ponder, and pray... To live... To move... to continue John's ministry... It's the positioning of our selves, in the place we should, be for our Lord's return (2nd golden hook). Will we stay in the crowd or will we be bold in our calling? Courageous? Encouraging? We need to simply follow our Lord's voice, His lead... He takes care of the rest.

Blessings for a year of remarkable blessings,
IS 43:8-12; Nehemiah 11:17-18; always PS 91

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Mary Did You Know... Lk2:19 Do we know?

"But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart."

Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit,

Tis' the season to remember, to ponder, to let our hearts feel... to love. So many "joyous" sounds of Christmas fill our homes, cars, work spaces... our hearts. In the early hours are moments when being quiet allows our hearts time to listen, feel, and go beyond the world into what we "glimmer" as truth.

2020 has not been a year of kindness. I wonder... did Mama Mary feel peace when she heard what was done to the children by Herod and those he commanded (Matt 2:16-18)? Or, did her heart feel peace when she held Heaven as her child gently snuggled close to her heart?

Just for today... take time to ponder... to seek...
  • What is love? How do we recognize the purity of love?
  • When you look into a mirror... do you see love in your eyes? Do you see love in other's eyes?
  • God's word gives us an entire book of truth... have you read it (Proverbs)?
  • Is our truth real or an illusion? How do we discern the truth? At a time such as this, should we be celebrating what the "news" considers truth? Pain comes from the thorns that wound us... yet those thorns also have the blooms of a rose. 
  • Hope... what does it mean? What does hope uncover within a heart that beats the very life we live?
  • If the first gift of Christmas was a baby... why do we spend so much on "things" and so little on the value of each other?
  • If we can "feel" the beauty of the song, "Mary Did You Know?," why can we not recognize that which steals, kills, and destroys the hope of our nation... the love of each other... or the joy of our creation?
  • What are we doing with this, our, gift of life? Are we seeking our own entertainment and that which the world offers? Or, is there one small way we could celebrate the life we are given by using our strength and talents to offer a touch of kindness or forgiveness as we were created to do?
  • What, oh, what will we say when... we come face to face with God's only begotten son? Will we fall to our knees? Or run into His arms?
This isn't a season to enjoy and go back to daily "stuff," this is a season to celebrate just how Great love is. To celebrate the Joy of each other. To embrace the magnitude of Hope in our Lord's promises...

Come... let us adore Him... together we can lead each other and our future generation...
Mary did you know... that you would be the one chosen to be our Heavenly mother... our role model... our understanding of truth...?


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sheltering under His Wings with Thankfulness PS91


He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!”
Ps 91: 1-2

Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit,

This year has been a year filled with struggles, disillusions, heart-ache, and extreme daily pressures. When I take time to "sit" with you, my Lord, your peace that surpasses my oppression always provides the very breath of Heaven to surround me, as if... a shawl is placed around me... and I can breathe in Your presence.

My Lord, my Shepherd, I know that when apart from You... I get distracted... I tend to bound in all directions... I get snared by others... I even get so close to the edge that You must come and scoop me up into Your protective arms. At those times, my Lord, I can do nothing of lasting value for You. This Thanksgiving... Lord Jesus, extend Your had of renewal upon me and mine, upon Your faithful, and upon our nation... our world. Open our eyes to see our reliance with thankfulness for Your great Passion. Guide us to the end of self and lead us into Your Will, take the reins of our lives for You alone created us. Amen---Amen---Hallelujah 

"The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking;
He rescues those who are humbly sorry for their sins."
Ps 34:18

Thursday, October 29, 2020

For a time such as this... 2 Tim 3

"...so that the person belonging to God may be capable, fully equipped for every good deed."

Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit...

As we approach the outcome of our 2020 election, I encourage you to take a moment to come before our Lord and meet with Him. Review your thoughts, words, and deeds. Ask Him what is aligned with His word and will... What is aligned with the world's view of life? Read 2 Tim 3, talk with Him about what He wishes for your understanding. Realize His truth... that is where our hope is found. Receive His insights and loving hope for this season of life... (vs. 14-17).

Add into your daily prayer His peace (PS 91 and 2 Sam 24:25...
With the peace and love of our Lord... we walk together...

Monday, June 1, 2020

"Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you" 
James 4:10

Good morning Abba, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit,
With the dawning of this new day, you have reminded me about Job (42:1-11). Given all the discourse within our nation, on our news stations, and our global pandemic... sometimes it feels overwhelming. Your word reminds us not to complain, close our eyes to your hand at work, or listen only to those voices that are void of inspiration about your promises.  "You instruct me, and as a result of Your instruction, I will willingly submit and accept it." 

Just for today, my Lord, let me:
  • Take a moment to be quiet with you
  • Humble myself before you, in Your presence
  • Place into Your loving hands all that is burdening my heart, cluttering my mind, and distracting me from Your daily portion of Grace, Mercy, and Peace
  • Help me to pull back, stop mulling around in the muck of the moment, and take refuge under Your wings
  • Place me into Your day, allow me contentment even though answers have not become clear
  • Strengthen me in the type of trust that, regardless of what the world is showing, You are my provider
  • Bless me with the Holy Spirit's comfort that worries fade away so that my day is filled with the works of my hands that will glorify Your name
My trust is with our Lord,
Walk today with assurance,

Remaining United

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